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About Funny TikTok WhatsApp status video: TikTok is the social media app that is banned in India now. You can’t find the TikTok video in India except here. Here we have collected the TikTok videos to serve you at no cost. This TikTok video collection has funny TikTok videos, Motivational TikTok videos, Attitude TikTok videos. So download the funny TikTok video status now and make your WhatsApp status funny to make others laugh.

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Assume of a friend, or a relative, or even an ex-coworker who was once very close to your heart, but presently you don’t hold any contact with such individuals. In such instances, these videos can serve the purpose of melting down the ice. It is a wonderful way to try these resources to revive the lost contact in a comfortable manner, without saying anything in words.

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