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About Full screen WhatsApp status video: Here you will find a range of wonderful status videos with high resolution plus full screen with duration of minimum 30 seconds in the form of short videos.
The best part of these videos is that it can do wonders when it appears on your smart phone screen resolution ratio. There is no need to actually crop the video to fit it well to your mobile screen. The WhatsApp status videos are already created in such a way that they automatically crop to fit full screen and you can just share it share it on WhatsApp status.

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Download full screen WhatsApp status video

The website Downloadstatus.xyz containing huge collection of best full screen WhatsApp status videos. It actually creates sources where you can get all types of full screen song status WhatsApp videos under one roof.

Many Indians are using WhatsApp status video. It is the best way to share your emotions love, sad, happy, etc via WhatsApp status video.
These days, something new is trending and that is WhatsApp full screen video status in HD. You will see status video with full screen with a pair of a girl-boy/lover image with amazing love music played in portrait frame. This video status covers the entire screen of your mobile so that you can share it with your friends and others.

Full Screen WhatsApp Status Video Features

The features of the latest full screen WhatsApp status video are
• Loving animation
• Video with lyrics
Thus many people like full screen WhatsApp status. You can download it full screen status video directly from here and then share it on WhatsApp/Facebook platforms.

Everyone can enjoy the full screen status videos in languages they speak. Some of these videos also comprise of romantic songs on monsoon as status videos. You can choose songs from different categories to be played in full screen resolution.
You will be surprised to know that you can also download your favorite cartoon videos in full-screen status video. Apart from that you can even download some funny videos directly from any website to enjoy funny moments.

Full Screen Status Video In Different Languages

Full-screen WhatsApp status video download is available in different languages like
Languages included:
• Tamil
• Marathi
• English
• Punjabi
• Kannada

You can also find a range of apps available on play store that help you make full screen WhatsApp status videos on mobile phones and comprise of various customization options too. It becomes easy to make your own video right from its initial stages to cropping, editing, resizing, adding special effects, text to it. It is also easy to change the style of music for your video too.
Just in case you don’t want to get into the creativity of creating full screen song status video, simply browse through the sites that offer an amazing collection of songs from different genre to add to your WhatsApp status.
It is fun to add creativity to your WhatsApp status and make it lively and innovative with your favorite full screen song status videos.