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About Gandhi Jayanti

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi also is known as Mahatma Gandhi was a great Indian freedom fighter who fought against British rule for the freedom of India. Mahatma Gandhi never used violence to fight against Britisher’s rule, he always said that “Ahinsa paramo dharma”. He fought against Britishers with no violence and forced them to make India free.
Mahatma Gandhi was born on 2 October 1869 in Porbandar Gujrat. We all celebrate this day as Gandhi Jayanti and remember him for his great contribution to our freedom. Mahatma Gandhi’s sacrifice for our country can never be forgotten. His entire life was dedicated to our country and he always tried to make India an independent country. After a very long struggle, India became free and Mahatma Gandhi Ji played a very important role in all of this. On 30 January 1948 Nathuram Godse killed the Mahatma Gandhi ji and this day is all known as Gandhi ji Punyatithi.

Gandhi Jayanti Special Best Video Status

Mahatma Gandhi Ji is also known as the father of the nation and Bapu Ji. I am sure you all know the Mahatma Gandhi Ji very well and want to tribute on his birth anniversary. We have collected the best Whatsapp status videos of Gandhi Jayanti, which is the best way to remember Gandhi Ji and give him a tribute. Here you will get all types of Gandhi Jayanti special whatsapp status videos which are based on his life, his struggle, and his movements. So download the Gandhi Jayanti whatsapp status video now and give Bapu Ji a tribute in the best way.

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