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Sad WhatsApp Status Video Download

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About Sad WhatsApp Status Video

If you are in a bad situation and looking for Sad WhatsApp Status Video to share your feelings with others, then you are at right place. Our Sad Status Video category is all about expressing your sad or bad situation on social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. This page has 100+ short sad videos that are perfect to share on social media. You just need to scroll down the page or search the keywords on the search box and get your favorite sad video song status.

Share Your Sad Feelings By Downloading Sad Video Status

When you are sad, just don’t try to be quiet instead try to express it to get over it. If you chose not to express it can affect your health badly because over stress can be harmful. There are stances when even painful songs gives you relaxed feeling.
Such sad song WhatsApp status video help you express your feelings as a WhatsApp story and others can understand what you are going through. With sad status video song you can tell your friends your feelings and why you are feeling sad.

Download Sad Status Video in Your Language

You can download these sad song status videos in different languages like Hindi, English, Tamil, etc available on You can also choose from different categories and find the song you are looking for. Of course you don’t want to be sad or anyone else to be sad but it is part of our emotions and life. We can get over it through these sad WhatsApp status songs. You can use these songs to overcome sadness.
It has been really helpful to know through sad status song video about a friend who is in pain/sad. You can view your friend’s status video and find out the mood and help if he/she is in sad mood. This makes it easy for us to know your friend is sad and needs you. Of course you don’t want to leave your friend in such a state. The sad status videos are helpful for making those sad moments lighter for person who is quite depressed and want to come out of it.

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WhatsApp Status Video Download Sad

Feeling sad? Of course you don’t want to meet anyone or try to be in your own space for some time. Some of us want to share our feelings with our friends or someone we trust. You may not like to express yourself directly to others but also want them to know that you are sad. Well, in such cases you can share your sad feelings via Sad WhatsApp status video.

Normally, you share messages, videos with your friends, but if you are looking to share your sad feelings with your friends then sad Shayari and sad song status videos available for WhatsApp. You can share them on Instagram and Facebook too. offers the collection of such videos and they are easy to download.

How sad status video can help you in bad situation

Not every day in our life is same and we all have to go through happy and sad moments. Those who just love to share happy moments only find themselves lonely during sad moments. So, do not hesitate to download sad song status videos to express sad feelings too. Of course when your happiness is enjoyed by your loved ones, they will help you when you are sad.
The easy to download sad song WhatsApp status videos relate to the situations so much that if you are in a sad situation you find it related. It touches your heart so much that you find a particular song just made to fit your sad moment. It may help you get over it immediately.