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India has a plenty of religions followed all across the country and thousands of people are devotees of gods who they worship on a daily basis. Of course they are touched by the devotional songs that help them connect to god in their own way. For all such devotees devotional status video works great and touches the chords of worship.
With age people are inclined more to worship, god, spirituality, devotion etc as it helps them get peace and meditate. Not only old people but youngsters are also moving towards devotion, prayers and spiritualism to beat the stress they have in daily lives and improve their quality of life. They try to meditate and worship god to seek right path in their lives.

Bhakti WhatsApp Status Video

Well, now it is easy to pray god you follow through mantra status video Ganesh aarti, shlok status video, Bhajan, and Sai baba devotional status videos.
There are different religious months for Indians in a year like Shravan and you can download from the collection of WhatsApp devotional status video of lord Shiva during that month.
Being a follower of Shiva you may love to remember lord Shiva each time you access your WhatsApp or others who view your status.