Your Guide to TikTok Video SEO. Tips for Better Ranking?

Your Guide to TikTok Video SEO. Tips for Better Ranking?

TikTok is the platform of GenZ, and it has taken over. However, the time for TikTok is up for being merely a platform for trending dance challenges, it has now become so much more. From searching for recipes to looking up reviews, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that TikTok has turned into a search engine. What you need to do now? Be sure that your content on TikTok is optimized. 

Yes, yes, we get it. It seems as if things are getting a tad bit trickier, but in the bigger picture, TikTok is quite simple and works in the favor of users. 

Since TikTok has its SEO tricks, you need to be aware of them all. And we here have landed as your perfect guiding bestie. 

What is TikTok SEO?

Before diving into our best tips for better TikTok ranking via SEO, we must understand the basics. What is TikTok SEO to begin with?

Don’t overcomplicate the idea of SEO as being too tricky. It works quite just like any other search engine such just like Google. TikTok SEO is mainly the ideal strategy deployed for optimizing your content for the platform. This will result in maximum reach, visibility, and engagement for you. 

The better you get at this rodeo, the higher the chances of your success in garnering massive viewership and following. That is the ultimate goal after all. 

Also, while keeping the prerequisite for using online platforms, it is only mandatory to mention that you need to have a perfect internet connection at all times. Therefore, we are strong advocates for services such as Cox Internet so that you can always upload the content on time, and stay aware of the trends in real-time. 

Did you know that according to Google research, 40% of people aged between 18 – 24 look up TikTok for deciding where to have lunch instead of heading to Google Maps, or any other platform? This only makes it more important for you to up your TikTok game and get on the radar. 

So, read ahead to find out the 5 best tips for TikTok SEO that we have for you that can help you get a better ranking on the platform. Let’s dive in!

  • Know the TikTok Trends

The trends on TikTok are just like the short videos. They get popular for just a little time, which means you cannot snooze on any at all! You need to be attentive to newer things coming forward and keep up to stay on top of the game. 

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It is all about you staying up to date and understanding the trends. At the core, this platform relies on trends, so do not let this go. 

  • Understand the Search Intent

Just like your Google SEO, TikTok also focuses on users’ search intent, and you need to work on this when creating content.

Whatever content you make, think of what the users want to watch, and what they would like to see. This way your content will be resonating with your audience and their relevance. You will see some great baffling results go all in your favor. 

  • Easy to Digest Content

Gen Z prefers content that is relatable, and easy to digest. In simple words, your content needs to be farthest from being complex, yet must contain all the information you want across. 

Make authentic content, and it will be viewed by your audience. 

We also recommend you make content in short part series. It will be like your content cliffhangers. It will keep the viewers asking for more. This will prompt the viewer to visit your profile to find out what happened next. 

It is a mind game. 

  • Don’t Forget Keywords & Hashtags

Keywords and hashtags are the core aspect when it comes to SEO. Using the right keywords, you can make your content discoverable, and also allow it to make its way to the top. 

The key lies in the usage of trigger words that call the audience to take some action, along with searchable hashtags. 

We are not saying that you need to dive head-on into the hashtags that are already heavy traffic, instead aim for smaller volume tags that can ultimately help you build the traffic.

It’s a slow and steady process.

  • Creator Collaborations

Collaborations are always appreciated and wanted by the audiences. 

To boost your profile visibility, collaborating with a well-known influencer on the platform can be greatly beneficial. This way more people will be guided towards your content which will result in higher viewership, and it will be able to put you on the TikTok map. 

Ending Remarks

No matter what TikTok has the true baseline for its users to have free speech and express themselves in their ways. So, just stick to your creative side, enjoy while you make your content, and follow our tips above for a good TikTok SEO strategy.

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